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The darkener title
On the 17th I will be holding a mythic tomb of sargeras raid for the darkener title. I know there is a few that are new still or came back after years of not playing so this would give them a chance to get those quest/achieves finished from legion. i would like to see 10 people sign up for the raid even if its only to help out. And if there were any others that need to kill a certain boss from any of the other raids please let me know and we can set up a night for that raid. So please look at your calendars for the 17th of october which is a saturday at 8pm. If you have any other questions you can contact me On andielrorn/megma which are my mains or as most call me Kris.
Thank you for getting this going. I hope to be there but life is making everything tentative for me hour by hour as I have several family events I need to balance and allot my time to. I love the old stuff and there are a couple things I would like to try again, but with someone with better reflexes than mine lol. Grab a golden feather anyone?
Well i think that will be my main focus is tw raids and old content bc there is a large group that likes to run old content and some of the achievements you need like 10 or so and most don't like pugging. So after we have had at least a month or so of the new expac we can start scheduling more of those events
I signed up on my druid. I have every class at 120 (420+), so I can easily switch if something else seems more convenient (e.g. having a warlock for summoning).

"Hey Sven, please unsuccessfully apply Leap of Faith at this critical moment." In software we call that a "NOOP". Hey, my next Sven will be Svenoop.
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90% chance I won't be able to make it. If I have some time I'll log in to the game and change myself to tentative on the calendar event.
^Sven[a-z]{1,}$ -  Destroyer of Worlds - "IT'S OFF FU...ERS"
This is my unofficial notes on the Darkener title.....We had a couple good runs even with only a few showing up for the raid. We were able to get past the rupturing singularity after a few good attempts but the main note we found most didnt survive past this phase unless they were a demon hunter. We were able to get half way through til dots killed us. I'm hoping that people will read this and be willing to help next week. We need demon hunters mostly but we could use priest healer for leap of faith or druids for their battle rez's and monk healers they have a few movement buffs and were able to heal us for most part. But thank you to those who showed hopefully the more practice we will find a way persevere and get our title!

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