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Glory of the Legion Hero
I would like to make some more headway into this achievement. I usually schedule a Kara mount run on Thursday which typically takes about an hour to complete an entire clear (minus Maiden). Afterwards we usually just run some mythic key runs. Instead of some random key runs, I want to chip away at this achievement on Thursday nights.

What is it?
A meta achievement that requires the completion of 26 other achievements from 5 man dungeons on mythic (mostly) difficulty.

What does it reward?
A purple mount Reins of the Leyfeather Hippogryph and a new artifact appearance/tint, Valorous Artifact Weapon.
[Image: 568378-reins-of-the-leyfeather-hippogryph.jpg]

More information here:

Video Guide
Count me in!
Sounds fun and the purple mount would be cool beans, however, committing to Thursday nights would not be possible at this time. I could only be tentative for now, but would help when I could, as usual.
On a more selfish note, I'm missing 6 of these achievements. I would like to try to finish this off. I know Cenaeth is 6-7 off from finishing it as well. On off nights, if there is enough interest, I would like to run some normal mythics to complete these achievements. If there's a specific night of the week that people want to run these, please comment below.

We used to run this on Thursday, but it kind of just died off.
Sounds like something I can do. Also sounds like fun.


An impromptu group was formed to knock out some more of these achievements last night. We are getting closer to finishing this off for some members.

Right now I'm still missing 3 and one of them is a RNG one (You Used to Scrawl Me in Your Fel Tome). The other two occurs in MoS, but one of them requires a clear of BRH and MoS within a specific time parameter without anyone dying.

Also that purple mount would look good with the new velf.
I'd love to work towards this, but my schedule is usually unknown until the day of other than Wed nights... I could probably join in tonight if you guys are getting a group together?
For the achievement [You Used to Scrawl me in your Fel Tome], this guide seems helpful:
Sorry I didn't get on tonight... I was busy reading Ready Player One... Also, apparently there is a spam wait time on posting replies on this forum. Just FYI.
Here's a progress board for those of you who have either expressed interest and/or actively participated in this achievement fest. TMP Legion Hero Progress. Please help others by encouraging them to sign up and promote group progression. I'd like to have a big group of folks with the mount that can meet up for a guild photo (screenshot) sometime.

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