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Forum Use Rules
The following rules apply to all forums, threads and posts within the Manhattan Project's Guild Website.

User Agreement - By using the forums you agree to the following:
   a. I am at least 13 years of age and have parental consent if I am under 18 years old.
   b. I will respect the privacy of others on this site. Not everyone wants to connect their game avatar to the Real-world. Should I discover information connecting a player to the real world, I will not openly divulge it to others without their expressed consent. This includes, but is not limited to Real names, email addresses, birth dates, telephone numbers, addresses or generalized locations, (i.e. Lives in Atlanta) Social media accounts, such as Facebook or Instagram, etc.
   c. While I rely on maintaining my anonymity, I will make sure the account I use on this website is connected somehow with my Character(s) in-game. I will not create a completely anonymous account. I understand that if I create an account and the connection is unclear, the administrators may revoke my privileges until a clearer connection has been made between my account name and the characters in the game.
   d. Any and all material copied to this site for the purpose of sharing will give credit to the original artist or creator. Any material that I have copied to this site without authorization or credit to the author is my responsibility, not the website owners. This is specifically related to any media content where credit to the author has been removed for the purposes of plagiarism.
   e. This site is not intended for commercial purposes, therefore I am prohibited from using this site for any commercial gain or marketing practices. Personal transactions are allowed in moderation. No mode of payment using legal tender shall be exchanged directly over the forum. (in-game currency is the exception but this can only be done in-game so it's a null point.) If I must take a payment or make a payment following a personal transaction, I will use a trusted third-party site such as Paypal or Square. All transaction issues shall be disputed on the third-party site, not on the forums. If the dispute ends up in litigation, I will not involve the forums with the dispute in any way and I shall forfeit the use of the forums as a form of evidence during the litigation process.
   f. I will not use this site to convey criminal acts or to encourage others to engage in any criminal acts, in either cyber or real-world. Should I blatantly disregard this paragraph, I then willfully submit my account information and all data that accompanies it to any Law Enforcement Agency that requests it. I understand that my account may be locked so that I may no longer access it while it's being used for an ongoing investigation. This includes all IP addresses I have ever logged in with and all messages private and public, including messages and posts I thought that I deleted but remain archived in the server's database.

Code of Conduct - The Do's and Don't's of the forum.
   a. All Original Posts and follow-up posts within a thread will adhere to the guidelines of each forum that they are listed in. For details regarding the specific forum's guidelines, please read the Welcome Post that is stickied to each thread.
   b. Subject lines for Original Posts will not contain vulgar, offensive or hateful language.
   c. Neither Original Posts nor follow-up posts within a thread will have any directly hurtful, defamatory or directly offensive content toward another member of the forum. 
   d. If a post is moderated, (i.e. Moved, Closed, Deleted, Edited, etc.) the author of the Original Post is prohibited from recreating the post to appear as it did prior to moderating. If a poster disagrees with the moderation, they must dispute it with an Administrator. Repeated attempts to post inappropriate content resulting in a moderator's action will result in the poster's account being banned.
   e. All attachments to posts must be appropriate for the content of the forum. All images, links or other attachments containing vulgar, offensive, hurtful, defamatory, sexual or simply nude human subjects (including humanoid art not necessarily portraying a human, but rather human-like features or anatomy on a fictional character) are strictly prohibited. Attachments that violate the United States Laws will be prosecuted accordingly. (non-consentual, pedophilia, etc.)
   f. If the Original Post is about a specific subject, any follow-up posts should remain on topic with that subject. Follow-up posts within the thread that attempt to change the topic may be forced to start a new thread to avoid "derailing" the thread from the Original Post.
   g. In general, posts to the threads should be meant in a supportive and informative contribution to another member of the group. While it may not benefit everyone, it should at least be useful to someone else. For instance, bragging that you earned a mount is not helpful, but sharing how you attained the mount so others will also be able to get one is highly recommended.
   h. Moderators will decide what topics should be stickied. If you like a post and want to see it raised to a sticky post, you must first give it a five-star rating. You should then mention to the moderators that the post is important enough to warrant sticking to the forum. You can do so by either replying to the thread or sending a moderator a message. If the moderators do not deem the thread important enough to stick, please do not push the issue any further by bumping the thread, etc.

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