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Team A Raid Roster
TMP's Team A raid group will meet around 8:40 PM on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to start building the raid group. We will be ready to pull our first boss at 9 PM. All the preparation that goes into raiding will be done prior to the 9 PM pull time. The raid session will continue until 11:30 PM or when the raid group has been dismissed by the raid leader. Break times are generally announced by the raid leader around 10 -10:15 PM.

Team A Raid Lead
Team A Raid Assists

Current Raid Structure

Eqix           Paladin
Talerina      Demon Hunter

Brixanna      Paladin
Clawthy       Priest
Magikarp      Monk

DPS (Melee)
Eluanna        Paladin
Brigid           Warrior
Walloppy      Warrior
Nualinnist     Rogue
Bain             Demon Hunter

DPS (Ranged)
Hoopyjones   Mage
Eystaan        Hunter
Arnakin         Shaman
Trishe           Druid
Blackfoot       Druid
Necromo       Warlock

If you are not on this list and would like to be, please use the format in the raid signup thread and post it in reply to this thread! 

Expectations of Raiders
READ THIS! Guild Raiding Rules / Code of Conduct
Be Prepared! Our guild uses TeamSpeak. Therefore to raid in this guild you must have Teamspeak installed and be able to hear the Raid Leader. Having a microphone and having it enable is optional but being able to hear the leaders is mandatory. Do not expect us to type things out for you just because you don't like TeamSpeak. If you are not in TeamSpeak by the ready check for first boss pull then you are not prepared to raid.

Attendance Policy
All Core Raiders are expected to attend from the time the raid forms until the team is dismissed by the raid leader. Tardiness and absence are excused only when the team member has notified the raid leader ahead of time. This can be done in many ways! Send them a game message or whisper in chat; Reply to one of the raid threads or create your own; Contact a Guild Officer and ask that they relay to the Raid Leader. Simply not showing up or coming into the raid late without notice is impractical to the group and therefore unacceptable. The Raid's leaders may remove you from the roster at their discretion based upon poor attendance.
An attendance record is kept for the purpose of holding our players accountable. You will be marked Absent if you are not present in the raid group at first pull. Or if you join the group after first pull, you will be marked as tardy. Therefore if you show up to a raid and are not prepared, the raid leaders may dismiss you from the group before the raid begins and ask that you come back after you are prepared.
If your Life Schedule changes and you are likely going to miss more than one raid night in a row, we ask that you withdraw from the roster until your schedule changes or settles down again in such a way that you are able to re-join the group.

Loot Policy
Thanks to Blizzard we are no longer able to have a loot policy. We are at the mercy of the ridiculous loot system in place right now and unless they change their new loot system, it looks like we are stuck with keeping whatever drops unless you can trade it...
Oh it's very simple.....
Scissors cuts Paper.
Paper covers Rock.
Rock crushes Lizard.
Lizard poisons Spock.
Spock smashes Scissors.
Scissors decapitates Lizard.
Lizard eats Paper.
Paper disproves Spock.
Spock vaporizes Rock.
And as it always has...
Rock crushes Scissors.
Updated to reflect BoD raid roster, times and days.

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